West Ham United (H)

Ticket News: SOLD OUT ALL AREAS for returns call (01246) 209765.

Watch Live: SKY SPORTS 1 7.30pm.
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Listen Live: BBC Radio Sheffield,

Squad News: With the announcement that Steve Blatherwick has retired we currently only have two unfit players thats Paul Shaw & Phil Picken who was injured right on the final whistle on Saturday. I expect us to play 4-4-2 after the shambles on Saturday with Larkin coming in for Picken and Hurst coming back in for Smith.

West Ham Squad News: Well Ashton's out thats for sure, Alan Pardew has been quoted as saying he will make changes to the side that lost to Tottenham by bringing in three or four fresh legs lets see if that's a winning idea.

Hammers Last Six: LLLLLL

Hammers @Saltergate:

02/03 LC2 L 1-1 Brandon (lost on pens 5-4)
93/94 LC2(2) L 0-2
50/51 D2 L 1-2
49/50 D2 W 1-0
48/49 D2 D 0-0

This game is bigger than the Manchester City match in the previous round, we didn't expect to win that one, now with their current form and sometimes ours we are expected to put up a good fight in this. I would assume that Roy has given our players one massive kick up their backsides and we will come out fighting and harrassing them and plaing like we normally play instead of namby pamby football that we played against Swansea and at Doncaster.

Let's go for it......COME ON YOU BLUES!!!!!

Picken Out!