The Sunday Review


Lee Richardson "The conditions were against good football which made it a tough battle but we were strong and resolute and saw it through to get the points.

"It's pleasing but we have to do better to get back into contention."

Cheltenham Assistant Manager Keith Downing on the Robins players. "John and I believe in them.

"There are some good footballers here but the current run of results has affected their confidence.

"They have to have the courage to get on the ball and try and play with quality, it's a case of matching their ability with belief they can do it."

A win's a win isn't it? well true it is only three points but how those three points may be vital in the coming weeks. We scrapped and fought our way into this game and just about had the quality to win this match. Cheltenham were poor and we weren't far better to be honest, reminds of the Gillingham game the other week, for all their endevour they never looked like scoring however we continued to make them better than they were by defending a 1-0 lead for forty minutes. Pleasing aspect was the return of Allott,Shaw and Picken let's try to continue this at Crewe on Saturday.

"a win at last" say's Dickinson