The Sunday Review

Roy Mac on yesterday's game.

"It was a dreadful match but the referee blew for every challenge and didn't allow it to flow.

"We had plenty of possession but didn't do much with the ball and the goal was a farce. Roche could have kicked the ball into the stand and it was an error that proved costly.

"I'm disappointed we lost because it should have finished goalless. It was a nothing game all round."

Donny Manager Sean O'Driscoll.

"I can't hide the fact it wasn't a great game to watch but I thought it was a fantastic performance by us for a different reason. We got our tactics right and kept our discipline and I thought we deserved to win for the application we displayed.

"We knew they would try to frustrate us, but we had planned for that and I thought the way we played was just right. Forte scored a fortunate goal to decide the game but they all count."

Disappointing is not the word that I would use to describe yesterday's performance…..negative is the word that I would use. I'm fully appalled that a side as good as us going forward chose to play one upfront against a side that is tipped to get to the championship this season, and what also galls me is the fact that as soon as we went one down to a fortunate goal from Forte no change in tactics. Why does Roy Mac persist in playing this negative formation away from home, it very rarely works and is not what we are used to doing, you might as well play five at the back.

Folan up front was very isolated and had to do all of his outside of the box stuff himself as Smith and Hall rarely went forward as if to be scared of the Doncaster wingers. Both sides cancelled each other out as the three Donny defenders had a few picnics and a leisurely afternoon as the only shot on target all afternoon came to Jonathan Forte who charged down a Barry Roche clearance after a dreadful backpass from Paul Hall split our defenders and Roche whacked it against Forte who slotted it home and we might as well have gone to the pub for the afternoon. Well Roy after this performance the Knives are not exactly out but are next in line to be sharpened, you need to come back strong and a result on Tuesday night will do the trick.

Oh and one word on the referee.....fussy.