The Sunday Review

So we lost yesterday and deservedly so, that first half performance was abysmal, we sat back and let them do what they wanted with no intervention from us other than Hurst's two long range efforts which didn't trouble anything. Second Half showed more from us and it proved that all defences are fallible if put under pressure even from the better sides in our division, somehow even if we had got a point I can say that we would not have deserved it.
One shining light to come out of the game was the full second half appearance of Jamie Jackson (Compton Street's sponsored player I hasten to add) he added some movement and pace to the forward line which caused the Swan's defence problems and to be fair we didn't give him the ball enough. I'm not one to criticise players much (albeit a faux pas in a national football magazine) but this was the chance to keep Folan and Shaw (when fit) on their toes but for me Folan will walk back into the side next week as Allison has not looked up to the job, Larkin will only keep his place as Shaw is injured but watch out for Jackson.

Onto a more serious and pressing matter other than yesterday's defeat, the crowd! Once again it was under the 4000 mark for a Saturday game, ok we can't expect Swansea to bring many which is 4 hours away, however I would assume that interest in the Spireites is on the up with the forthcoming game against West Ham United in the League Cup in the minds of most people in North Derbyshire but it would appear not and that the attraction of coming to Saltergate is not one at the top of the list, sadly with the influx of South Yorkshire people moving to the area coupled with people who were born in Chesterfield and North Derbyshire supporting either Wednesday or United then are we fighting a losing battle, the only way we can win support is to win games starting with the next two away at Doncaster and at home to West Ham United.

Roy on yesterday's game:

“We had to be a lot better in the second half because otherwise it would have been a rout. I think we gave them too much respect in the first half and we stood off them a lot and let them play. Their front two caused us a lot of problems but we tightened up in the second half which we won 2-1”

(precisely what Roy means by the fact we won the Second Half 2-1 for which we get 0 points for is another matter being investigated by the FBI)