The Sunday Review

As I was away our gallant lads fended themselves over the border into the capital of Nottingham and came back with our noses blooded but our hearts not broken.......I hope.
As the scoreline suggests it was a bit of a pasting and to be fair it was, our defence played like they never had done before and whats even more worrying was the basic errors that we have brought back into our game which made us fade into the night last season. Every time the opposition have a set piece we fall to erm......pieces, I was hoping that this what rectified during the summer but alas it was not to be.
In the past three games we have conceded NINE goals and scored just two, whats alarming a la last season is that we are missing chances and the strikers are not scoring, I'm more worried that we appear to accept that a drubbing at Forest in acceptable as per Roy's comments, despite the foul throw and the penalty decisions we can't keep blaming this things and it's time to start pointing fingers, the sooner Shinner gets back to the wing the better as O'Hare keeps getting skinned, the sooner Blathers gets back the better as Downes appears to have lost a little confidence.

Not to be too harsh on the lads though we have just played three possible candidates for promotion slots, Roll up Rotherham on saturday we need the three points.....but then again so do they....badly.

One Goal Two Sendings off worth £250000?