The Sunday Review

Thanks JCR
Sorry for no Sunday Review last week I was still in depressed mode after the lacklustre display against Scunthorpe in the cup. So to yesterday the Spireites showed what they didn't do last week "Passion" okay the league is more important than the cup but we could have showed a bit more effort and on a dismal day in Boscombe we showed what we are all about.
You may question that going for a point in anyone's eyes is a poor effort however if you consider our away form and last week's performance throw in Bournemouth's home advantage and fourth place in the league I reckon that getting a point is a bonus, a certain number of Cherries supporters have questioned our loyalty as regards to the 200 or so Spireites to make the journey, I say good on the 200 or so that did make the journey, end of.

It's a goodbye to Jamal Campbell-Ryce as well, unless we can come up with a package to buy him from Charlton Athletic which is highly unlikely, the next time we see him he'll be playing against us probably with his golden boots and great skill. We shall miss JCR.

As we are doing well I'm loathe to criticise really (apart from cups) but one question I did ask myself yesterday was why do we always play The Chief with Stallard it's one dimensional and slow unless for defensive purposes they are needed as definately the Chief is but I'm not so sure about Stallard, I'm also wondering if Mark Stallard is really required however I'm not going to criticise I'm just going to do a Michael Vaughanesque raising of one eyebrow.

Also a small mention to Andy Richmond who came in at the last minute to replace Carl Muggleton, well done it’s not easy to get you’re self prepared with about ten minutes to go but the one save that you had to make you did well.