The Sunday Review

For me Rovers were the best side to come to Saltergate this season, they were very workmanlike and very good defensively. We certainly didn't play badly but we certainly didn't play great either, one of the members of my family said "it was a case of after the lord mayor's show" and you have to agree, however we get a point and that's one more towards safety.
We just couldn't get into the game I keep thinking that even if we were still playing now the score would still be 0-0 both defences were superb and for me Nick Fenton and Tim Ryan were excellent and for us Steve Blatherwick was a rock.
It was an excellent game for a nil nil maybe the Rovers fans will say they had the better chances and deserved the win but let's get honest here as I've said before both defences were excellent so a point apiece it is then.
I also reckon that Rob Styles the referee from the premeiership had a superb game he let the game flow and when needed to spoke to the players like adults and not children unlike Prosser last week at Hartlepool.

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