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ARGENTINA ARGENTINA!! not quite but near enough,an awesome performance last night in North Wales. Fancy travelling all the way there, I have never seen us win but I have now! Peter Leven was (whats that word again?) awesome, he played in the centre of the park where most people had been pleading with him to play and completely bossed the game please don't change it back to what it was. Young Bastians made his full debut for us and made two goals and looked like a proper winger i.e hugging the touchline whilst we briefly saw Nicky Travis who made some nice touches but it was late in the game. A word about the Chief who made his 750th League Appearance Fantastic hats off to the old fella. Finally got to bed at about 1am still delighted but realising that I had to be up at 7 to get reaady for work oh the life of an editor (I love it really).

Jack bagged Two!!