Ten Questions for an Owl

Somebody's HORRIBLE away shirt

Welcome to a Q & A session with Owls Mad editor Andy Parsons. Andy talks to us about the Owls (obviously) Europe,Beer and supporting Manchester City!!!!!!

The Compton Street would like to thank Andy for his time in answering such tedious questions.

No fee was involved in Andy's participation in this interview and thank god at £18 a ticket I've just enough to get into the ground!!! 

1.How do you rate Wednesday's season so far?

Difficult I guess. We had a good start away from home by winning two from two but there was real expectation in the summer with all the dead wood being replaced by new talent but things didn't click. It really came as a bolt from the blue when Turner got sacked and there has been discontent surrounding the club with the board issue, but fingers crossed Paul Sturrock can do well here and last more than three months!

2. What's the difference if there is any between Chris Turner & Paul Sturrock?

The major thing I have picked up on is that Sturrock isn't afraid to let people know his feelings. Adam Proudlock for example has underachieved and Turner never mentioned that - Sturrock on the other hand has said he had to lose weight and become more consistent. We have shape with Sturrock and are defensively sounder, and we don't play the long ball as much. Sturrock will be a great manager here although it will take time which none of the previous managers seemed to have.

3. What's you're favourite memory of Wednesday v the Spireites?

Not many to be honest as we have hardly played each other in my lifetime. But leaving Saltergate last year was pretty good after watching one of our most torrid performances of the season! I quite enjoyed the grief that Kevin Pressman got from the Chesterfield fans last season for his 'weight problems' - although they can't have seen the size of Muggleton's belly! One of my favourite Chesterfield memories though is going to watch a Wednesday match and rushing home for the FA Cup semi-final at Old Trafford where we got to watch the second half and cheer the Spireites on...I kicked my beer over when you guys made it 3-3!

4. Do Wednesday fear Chesterfield?

I think you can't fear anyone in this league but you have to give teams respect. No one, not even Spireites' fans thought they would do well this season but they have and credit to the whole coaching setup and team. I have seen N'Toya on the sparse and shocking coverage our league gets this season and he looks a handful, so does Campbell-Ryce. Wayne Allison is a horse but again difficult to deal with and I have always rated Blatherwick at the back despite him getting older and fatter.

5.What's been the best game this season for you?

We played well on Saturday in the first half against Bradford but it is always good when you beat t'Dingles and we did well that game - should have won by more than the single goal.

6.What's been the worst game this season for you?

Bournemouth at home was pretty dire. It was a performance from Wednesday which typifies their fall from grace in the last few years.

7. Who's you're favourite Wednesday player of all time?

We have had a few good ones but I was a massive fan of Paolo di Canio, he was top value. Chris Waddle was a phenomenal talent, as was John Sheridan but for sheer entertainment and unpredictability it has to be Paolo. And I know that won't be popular with a few Wednesdayites!

8. And why do you support Sheffield Wednesday?

I was a young kid who didn't know any better and started liking Liverpool and strangely Manchester City, then my Wednesdayite dad took me to an Owls game against Manchester United at Hillsborough in 1988 and despite losing 4-2 I really enjoyed the day. He offered to take me to a Blades game but it got postponed so I just chose Wednesday as he offered to take me every week! It has been a rollercoaster to say the least ever since.

9.Dave Allen or Ken Bates?

I am not one of these spoilers who want Bates in. I just don't think he has the best interests of the club at hand. People should just support the team. Allen has done a good job at Hillsborough and we would be in administration now without him but his problem is that he is incredibly stubborn and won't take any other ideas onboard. I think we do need a new man in charge next summer but not Bates


10. When Wednesday Somehow? got into Europe did you go to any of the matches? before any comebacks about us never getting into Europe we play in Wales every year so there!

Somehow? We were three points off winning the league that season! We were absolutely at the top of our powers then and a real force and before Trevor Francis tore the team apart, we were on par with where Newcastle are now. I went to see the mighty Spora Luxembourg at Hillsborough and we put 8 past them but the next game was something special against German outfit Kaiserslautern. Following a controversial 3-1 loss, they came to our place and it was the best atmosphere we have ever produced, cracking game which ended 2-2 on the night - they went on to play Ajax and got soundly beat!