Sterophonics Competition

Win A LIMITED EDITION Retro Football Shirt!

Pull The Pin

Eagerly Awaited New LP Released October 15th

New Single 'It Means Nothing', October 8thth

Stereophonics released their eagerly awaited 6th studio album in October: 'Pull The Pin' - their first release in 2 years. Written by Kelly Jones and featuring the impressive lead single 'It Means Nothing', it combines the band's rockiest and most melodic aspects in one blazing LP that comes out fighting on all fronts. A 12-track tour de force, it looks set to be one of the definitive albums of their incredible ten-year career. To celebrate the album's release, we've teamed up with Upshot to offer a limited edition retro Phonics Shirt!

To enter the competition, simply answer the following question. If you're stuck for the answer, you'll find help at

What International team do the Stereophonics support?

1. England
2. Scotland
3. Wales

Please email your answer to and please put Sterophonics in the subject heading if you don't you won't win.

Competition Ends at 6pm on Sunday 19th November 2007.