Premiership Mayhem

Arsenal players against the Ref
Sunday's big match Manchester United versus the champions Arsenal was billed as "The Game" the match that everyone wanted to watch. Over Seventy countries bought the rights to this one, a huge game a massive game. As a spectacle it was a little disappointing but for passion it was up there with the best. That was the good things, now what get's me is the constant aggressive nature of attacking the Match official, Manchester United are masters of this, any decision anything at all they are there shouting,mouthing obscenties and generally harrassing the Ref. Oh don't get me wrong if anything Arsenal are worse constant pressure on the ref "Are you sure Ref" "I think you got that one wrong" . At the start of the game I thought Mike Riley was superb he let tackles go that could easily have been given yellow or maybe red cards, he tried to let the game flow until the spoilt brats decided that they would take the game to the edge and keep fouling and marauding around. Why did we have a Ref there? He might has well sat on the sidelines and let them go at it toe to toe. For me if I was a referee I would book any player for dissent and send them off for foul and abusive language. Now it shows that Mike Riley has made a couple of mistakes Wow! That's football! Live with it! David Elleray anyone?. As regards the penalty decision for Manchester United's first goal everyone's instinct was that's right so now after numerous replay's and discussion the rightful people have decided that it wasn't, too late now but it's a hell of a good debate, it's doesn't matter if it was right or wrong, what bugs me is the lack of respect for the referee. One day the FA will stand up to the big clubs and don't get me started on the managers!