Big Match Review

We came down with a bump on saturday just ever so..., it was much to do with Swansea's finishing than anything else, Trundle is a class above this league. We didn't play too badly, we passed the ball well, got more chances in than the Swans but the killer touch wasn't there.
Swansea will play better and lose, we will play much worse and win that what makes football the way it is.
Sammy Clingan was brought back into the side as a replacement for Derek Niven who had a slight groin injury and he played well and as he can't play next week against Leyton Orient because Glenn Hoddle at Wolves somehow imagines that he will force his way into there team, Niven will come back in.

We can forget this one the White Rock Stadium, I don't agree with the Welsh teams being in our league but if they entertain like that then, WELCOME!! just not at Saltergate on the last day of the season.

Lord Blathers of Saltergate scored in Wales Saturday.