By Paul Fisher
Last updated : 05 November 2007
I've heard there are traffic problems getting to Lincoln tomorrow so take a little extra time...I'm going about 4pm.

Yesterday I wrote that maybe resting either Kovacs or Downes would sort out the defensive headaches..today I'll choose the strike force. I would keep Ward on the bench and give Rooney his place back, I felt that he was unlucky do get replaced at Darlo. I would have Fletcher and Ward on the bench with Rooney and Lester upfront...always have a Plan B. On Saturday a friend of mine called me and stated that sometimes Lee seems to out-think himself, and an example of that is the decision to take Bastians off and Lester...I could have understood for either Winter or Gray but not really to bring Rooney on...don't think it was necessary at that stage in the match. I admire Rico I think he's doing a good job but sometimes he needs to walk before he can run, Paul Fairclough tatically out-thought him and shrewd managers will, fingers crossed the one dimentional Peter Jackson won't.

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