Weekend Blog Review

Well, What a weekend!! First of all I win a couple of races at the dogs. Town win 3-2 a game which resulted in me nearly having a heart attack. Followed by another bypass moment when England beat France in the egg chasing, then I decided to have a few beers and felt dreadful yesterday.

Went to see Miles Hunt at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham with my friend Matt. Now we didn't realise that Miles was in fact the support act to a bloke from Manchester called Vinny Peculiar. Miles was on for around forty minutes and I'll pop the Set list at the Bottom of the page for those of you who give a toss. So we watches Miles doing his stuff and after the show Matt and I pops through to the other bar and see's all these Stuffie fans standing around in "awe" at Miles and then t'owd Vinny comes onto the stage so Matt and I nips through to the other to see him. Matt straight away points out that that Vinny looks like Jarvis Cocker and to be fair he does but he also looks like Stephen Merchant too. Now apparently there was a quarter of the Smiths there called Mike Joyce, now I claim to be a Smiths fan but to ask me the names other Marr/Morrissey and I don't know.

So Mike Joyce was there one of the Smiths only problem which bloody one!! Then I saw a bald fella playing Bass to the right of Vinny, I said to Matt "that looks like Bonehead from Oasis or formally of Oasis" Matt says in every way that is Bonehead from Oasis or formally of Oasis yadah BUT he was playing Bass, Bonehead or Paul Arthurs as I'm sure now and again he would like to be known as Paul always played rhythm guitar. I get home google whack Vinny and stone the crows it's only Bonehead from Oasis or formally known as Oasis and occasionally wants to be called Paul Arthurs in a special guest line up. Fantastic….one of Vinny Peculiar's songs was called Two Fat Lovers and it was alright check his Myspace at http://myspace.com/vinnypeculiar .

Ok Set List for Miles and Erika.

Mission Drive
Back on the Charm Offensive
Easy way like Californians
Underground Ernie
Corny but True

Note to Self
The Cake
Someone like the Kingbird
Here Comes Everyone

Bonehead/Paul Arthurs, Vinny & Mike Joyce (behind)