Waffle with Maple Syrup...The DAILY BLOG!

Fancy Dress Day today in one of our departments, so far I've seen a witch, an egyptian lady, a 1970's person dressed from the erm....1970's and Chris dressed in a Chesterfield FC Shirt...spot the odd one out? Thats right 1970's gear is back in fashion!!
May go and watch the Youth Team tonight at Teversall where we take on the enemy, I'm supposed to be going to the gym but I may end up in the pub ooh decisions decisions.
Did the transcript last night for the Rico interview on the official website, it's really difficult doing those you have to listen tentatively to every word he says and then ignore bits that he may have repeated I love it really.
Blue Stoops Travel will be handing out flyers tomorrow before the game, I told Simon (the landlord) to stick this web address on so we get some more casual viewers so I can vet them before they register. Muw ha ha ha!! Roll on 4.30pm. Everyone (whoever reads this I know of one person) have a lovely weekend I will be thinking of you!!