RIP MICHAEL MAIDENS a young striker for Hartlepool United killed in a car crash last night (friday 19th Oct 07). It's always saddening to hear of events like this and sadly there seems to be plenty of them. Queens Park Rangers have lost young players recently and Watford along with Manchester United will remember Jimmy Davis all young players just starting to make their way into the game all tipped to have a bright future as well.

Sadly the cold is still here so todays commentary should be interesting, so long as I keep the throat clear then I'll not be losing the voice etc..plenty of water for me during the match.

Tonight it's the Cricket Midweek League Presentation, excellent my first ever trophy won for the Club in the League something I've been trying to do for twenty years!!

Onto todays match, always a little suspect as we are playing a Dagenham side unheard of in these parts, their history is a little more than 1992 but with respect they did well last season although their average home crowdof 1935w will need to improve as currently it's the second worst in the Country. We shall treat them with respect and we must be wary as Barnet and Macc the last two home games did "jobs" on us, so it's our turn to send them home with a clip around the ear and say come back when your old enough type of stuff....I hope!