Sunday Blog!

It pains me to say it but our youthfulness is costing us at present, Downes not yet quite the heir apparent to Breckin as Captain Fantastic and Kovacs although he trys hard is effectively dominent in most matches but is prone to a lapse in concentration which effects him. As my co-commentator stated yesterday what does Kevin Gray have to do now to get a game. Personally I would rest the near century maker in apperances in Downesy although he is team captain we need experience and Gray being the club captain should come in whilst the defence is giving silly goals away. Just a little break mind....unless we don't concede till Christmas.

Yesterday we contibuted to the most one sided match since well since the last one at home. Morecambe came they scored they conceded they was daylight robbery of the highest order they just needed a bag with swag on it and a mask and it would have been the perfect crime.

We contributed to our own downfall with sloppy mistakes, currently we are playing against ourselves and currently we are losing. Tuesday night is a "must win" game, defeat and we don't look like a team going up nor the play-offs for the matter.

What would be like without Jack?