Speculation Blog?

Well so we have had Peter Leven going to Brighton turned down by us, Jack Lester going to Barnsley and Janos Kovacs moving up the road to Hillsborough. Only one of these is true, Levens move to Brighton was called off by us as they need to up the offer from £50k. Lester ain't going nowhere unless clubs want to pay top whack for and Kovacs well....we can't afford to get rid even if we wanted to we simply don't have cover unless the buyer can give us a Centre Half and a Centre Midfielder in return! Compton Street will of course keep you posted.

At Home my Internet connection has gone down, I should be back with you hopefully tonight but don't count your chickens currently I am writing at my desk in the office so those of you needing an urgent reply then you'll have to wait.

Check out Compton Street TV the link is on the Messageboard Section, Latest is a Referee that went missing at Adams Park Wycombe.

Friday Night is Chesterfield Beer Festival Night, I shall be there along with a few hundred others say hello if you see me.