Murmur Murmur & Waffle

Drab, Dreary & my mood today however it WILL get better later I'm sure. Hurt my back playing football last night and thats why I feel a little drab but it'll be alrayt (derbyshire expression) I'm sure.

The Club had a good workout against Blackburn yesterday by all accounts, Gareth Davies made an appearance after his loan spell at Stalybridge. We lost 3-2 but the result doesn't matter. Impressively so Lee Richardson has stipulated that a Reserve Side is a priority on his agenda so here's hoping.

Morcambe...arrgghhh that place runs through me, I once went there as part of a Chesterfield Church outing on a Sunday forced to go by my parents, it rained ALL day, my brother and I must have been nightmares for them. Plus they beat us in the FA Cup a few years ago with a 93rd minute winner, that match has been surpasses by the Basingstoke game a year ago but I had non-league clubs for putting me through it FOUR times now, Macclesfield (as was) Enfield, Morcambe & the aforemention Basingstoke. Thank god for Tranmere!