Jack and the Art of Motorcycle Correctness

Upon driving through Bolsover and towards the Cuckney road, we became aware of the scooter that was travelling in front of us. The cyclist appeared to be looking at something behind his bike whilst riding it at a fair speed, it later occured to us and quite quickly that this motorcyclist had and what is used in the medical sense of the word "a tick". He constantly provided superb helmetted entertainment by consistanly fidgiting with his throttle,his helmet,his seat and then proceeded to jerk his head left to right, east to west, north to south all this mind whilst riding the scooter!! Surely someone at the point of his test must have said "right son excellent riding and I would give you this licence only you have your helmet on back to front due to more jerking than at the FA headquarters". Unbeliveable and there he was motoring towards Ollerton only he turned off right and headed towards......Shirebrook.

Onto the game, what would we do without the finishing of JACK LESTER..a first half hat-trick and a quality performance that made us look world beaters well in attack anyway. Lincoln were poor but not that poor and they were unlucky you may add to catch us on a good day. Peter Jackson started with a 4-5-1 formation which clearly didn't work and only changed after going 2 down. Only downside to our performance was the bookings of Leven,Picken,Downes and one other who's name escapes me. Overall three points and we are still sixth though in the tightest of tight leagues. Restbite now as we entertain Tranmere Rovers in the FA Cup 1st Round.