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Never in my born days have I seen such a man engaging mouth before brain as Craig Bellamys mush, this weeks episode of Bellamys Ballsups is about heritage. Comparing a victory in Germany to his new Welsh hero Owain Glyndwr heres what Gnome Bellamy had to say, Read On.

from the bbc.co.uk/football website

Bellamy says he will be inspired by the example set by Owain Glyndwr, who beat the English at Pilleth in 1402 - and has the tattoo to prove it.

"I'm massive on Owain Glyndwr," said the 29-year-old. "He's the biggest Welsh hero we have ever had.
"I've done my Welsh history and he is my hero because of what he stood for.
"I'm Welsh and I wanted to know where we are in the world.
"I've got the Battle of Pilleth going down my arm. I've been working on it for about 2½ years."

Right so let me pick a few bones out of this, First up If Glyndwr is a welsh hero to Bellamy then he might want to read a little more and see that in fact Glyndwr escaped/ran off scared into the hills to avoid capture and of course execution. Bellamy wanted to know where Wales was in the world....just left of England I would add, he's got the Battle of Pilleth going down his arm that's one hell of an arm.....and he's better be careful walking through the east end of London.

This all happened in early 15th century surely something in Wales has gone off since then.......mind you I hear Tom Jones has got a new record out.

Good luck v Germany all said and done.