So England could fail to qualify if Russia beat Israel tomorrow in Tel Aviv, these highly paid footballers could lose out in playing a mediocre tournament. And that's what it is, Greece are the Holders who didn't even qualify for the World Cup last year so that just shows how naff the International stage has got.

UEFA priorities are all wrong, they choose to try to lead by example by instigating the "Greatest Club Competition" in the world i.e Champions League just to appease the big clubs, thats who run the game at present the G14 or whatever they are called these days. Rumour has it we aren't far away from a European League, brilliant I say so long as Chesterfield can then still have a chance of winning the Premiership or the FA Cup...well the first one's a realistic chance then surely!! If Celtic want to play Manchester United or Real Madrid on a regular basis then go for it, I personally won't be disappointed, my only sadness would be that one day I would like the Spireites to play Manchester United on a competative level, but if UEFA have there way then we won't.