Sorry about yesterdays blog, feeling poorly at the moment and I'm sure you don't want to hear about me coughing and spluttering. Anyway, glad to see Jamie Winter's ok from his concussion etc. I see the Spireites are on telly tonight on East Midlands Today from 6.30pm Sky Channel 980. This is regards to the number of foreign players we have in the side currently. I'm sure we haven't had a Hungarian player before in our team and the last Aussie I seem to remember was goalkeeper John Osbourne or Roberts can't remember which without cheating.

England tonight in Par-Roosky so let's hope for a ROOSKY winner by the main man. I'm finishing work at 4pm so in my poorly state I'll be glad to see an England win, shame Terry's out though as we could do with a leader like him all those injuries appear to be taking their toll.

As I've mentioned on the Message Board, I've done a Compton Street TV Channel thingy via You Tube. If you have any funny Spireites Moments you'd like to share with people via an excellent platform the send them in to and I shall put them up for you. Even stuff such as your thoughts on the matches, the manager, the ground, anything via a vlog rather than written down. It's your forum use it...I may do a weekly vlog on it and talk about the topical things of the Spireites. The link to Compton Street TV is here happy videoing. Copyright Items will be removed.