Soz about yesterdays write up, I had to go to Newcastle for some family stuff.

Now then peeps missed me? thought not, anyway more garb from me. Well Saturdays match had 1-0 defeat all over it, side coming to Saltergate undefeated men behind the ball etc..not on your nelly Macc were great! they attacked and attacked and attacked, they will give someone a right spanking soon. Thank god we scored first we could have and should have perhaps got a right pasting on Saturday, too many players off the boil basking in the glory of Tuesday. Fingers crossed Rico will give them a kick up the backside and tell them this aint going to be no party till May (hopefully).

Onto Saturday briefly...Starsailor were excellent I was well impressed by them, I wasn't really a fan before but I am now. It's about time the Winding Wheel had more decent bands on, we have seen Chumbawamba (not my taste but you've heard of them), The Levellers & now Starsailor. Looking on the WW website they seem to have gone back now though to tribute acts and former 80's stars glories..(I have to admit and maybe it's cause I'm getting old but Belinda Carlisle looks fine!) I've sent a bit of feedback to the WW and CBC and told them to put more decent bands on (to be honest they don't even have to be decent). So there you go BRIMBO I have said that they were good and thank you for posting.

Went out at lunch to get a sarnie, and I'm sure that I can script the "pound a bag" man who sits outside Cheese Factor.

"Derbyshire Oatcakes pound a bag" "Pound a bag yer breadcobs" "Breadcobs pound a bag, pound a bag yer breadcobs" it's incessant.

and then we have the mundane fruit and veg man in front...he's a poor mans pound a bag.

"Strawberries, pound"


and then he threw me, "Cherries £1.20" I had to double take, surely it was some on earth can you charge an extra 20p and still keep the dismal vibes, surely you would assume he would have some evil cackle thinking to himself "I'll teach you pesky Northern monkeys that I can charge what I like ha ha ha"

anyway more views tomoz bye for now.