Autumnal Blog

Very Autumnal look around Chesterfield today, very dark grey clouds hover and the last leaves are beginning to fall.

A Q & A with Rico last night and the general perseption was that he came across well and talked a good game and most fans want that, for their manager to be honest and state these things are going to happen and whats gone on in the past. I asked a couple of questions, one about the signing of Jack Lester and the other on the replacement for Nicky Travis (which their won't be one)

Anyway I'm off to Newcastle this afternoon, no blog tomorrow I'm afraid and possibly a sparse one on Sunday but I'll be back and Lively on Monday I'm sure. The Team and I are doing the commentary tomorrow afternoon at Darlo and then I'm going back up to the Toon for a few beers and hopefully a discussion on the three points with my Geordie Friends....hopefully.