A Load of Old Tosh.....

Today I should feel great,superb,fantastic..but I don't I feel awful...I'm still poorly paul. This Head Cold is getting on my nerves, I went to a Webmasters Conference for the Official Website today at the Keepmoat in Doncaster and I sneezed through most of it....got to the crucial point of an argument between the Football League Techie Guys and this woman from Somewhere and just when he was about to give the answer.... sneezed and then proceeded to blow my nose several times....it was like Blazing Saddles! Whatever they had for lunch his disagreed with me in someway. I've visited the John more times than I have in my life today I reckon...happy stuff so far this!!

Back to my real job tomorrow whoopee! Hello H by the way. On this website I'll be giving some prizes away soon so keep observing and making comments if you wish.

Photo for Helen