I was unavailable for the Bristol game, as I spent the weekend in the picturesque town of Beverley at a christening. It was also the young lad’s first birthday party, and when the text came through that Alex Bailey had equalized in the 88th minute, I took the opportunity to join him on the bouncy castle in order to celebrate! Cue lots of kids watching an adult go a bit mad for no apparent reason. I was still tinged with disappointment though, when we were 1-0 up with the oppo down to 10 men I thought the points were in the bag. But all credit to them, I am told they forced their way back in to it and had us on the back foot. We all know that City are one of those teams that we struggle against away from home, and it seems we rarely beat them at home, so it maybe a point is not so bad. Bailey’s goal was just reward for the frankly excellent performances he has been putting in this season.

The week before I had come away from Barnsley annoyed at losing to a side who were, even Tykes fans would admit, no great shakes. Logging on, I was ready to vent my spleen but was reminded by many contributors to our various sites of ‘just how far we have come’. Reading these comments calmed me down, and so they should have. Now we are disappointed by losing to a single goal to a side who were not better than ourselves, who just happened to be in the Premiership not so long ago! It’s a shame to hear Barnsley fans have a go at Hart recently – when ‘Doorcrusher’ managed the Blues in the early 90’s we had a decent side and played some good football, although the Hart team of today did not reflect Hart’s Chesterfield side. I hope he gets it together there.

Looking at the fixture list many Spireites will have noticed what a massive month October is set to be, and one which will reveal more about our new look side. Big games against Hull, Donny, Stockport and the also-rans from S6 loom. Let’s see how we fare in the big game atmospheres this season.