Blue Stoops Travel Report

Simon Hill the Landlord of the Blue Stoops would like to pass comment on the events on Saturday at Milton Keynes.

On pulling away from the ground we made our way to the first roundabout. Suddenly there was a,what i can only describe as an explosive cracking noise and i recall the bus swerving into the middle of the road. I looked to my right and saw the driver slumped in his seat but still in control of the coach. He managed to come to a stop. There was glass everywhere. A substantial sized piece of concrete had hit the driver on the neck from the side which shattered the drivers side window. Another missile was thrown from the front which made a huge hole in the front windscreen. Naturally everyone wanted to get off and but myself and others prevented this as our first priority was attending to the driver. We contacted the emergency services who arrived pretty quickly. One Lady on the bus attended to the driver while we waited. The police turned up. As i got off the bus a Dons fan came over to me and said he was ashamed and had seen everything. He also knew one of the culprits so i asked him if he was willing to give a name to the police which he did. After about and hour our driver had recovered and was passed fit to drive home.
It was only the driver being very experienced which prevented anything more serious happening as there was a very steep bank to our left.
I would like to thank the drivers of both our busses for remaining very professional, everyone on the bus for remaining calm and rational, Adele for attending to our driver whilst waiting for the ambulance and the Thames Valley and Derbyshire police for their quick reaction and control of the situation.

N.B Further to this note, we have been informed that Thames Valley Police have made an arrest in connection with this incident.