Chesterfield Managers History

History of Chesterfield Managers
John Duncan

John Sheridan June 2009-

Lee Richardson March 2007 -June 2009
Reason: Contract Expired

Roy McFarland May 2003-March 2007 Reason: Sacked

Dave Rushbury January 2002-April 2003 Reason: Resigned

Nicky Law May 2000-December 2001 Reason: Resigned

John Duncan February 1993-April 2000 Reason: Sacked

Chris McMenemy January 1991-February 1993 Reason: Sacked

Paul Hart November 1988-January 1991 Reason: Sacked


Kevin Randall June 1987-October 1988 Reason: Sacked

John Duncan June 1983-June 1987 Reason: Resigned

Frank Barlow 1980- 1983 Reason: Sacked

Frank Barlow

Arthur Cox 1976-1980 Reason: Resigned

Joe Shaw 1973-1976 Reason: Resigned

Jimmy McGuigan 1967-1973 Reason: Resigned

Tony McShane 1962-1967 Reason: Resigned

Dougie Livingstone 1958-1962 Reason: Contract Expired

Teddy Davison 1952- 1958 Reason: Retired

Bob Marshall 1949- 1952 Reason: Resigned

Chris McMenemy

Bob Brocklebank 1945-1949 Reason: Resigned

Norman Bullock 1938-1945 Reason: Resigned

Bill Harvey 1932-1938 Reason: Resigned

Teddy Davison 1927-1932 Reason: Resigned

Alec Campbell April 1927- November 1927 Reason: Resigned

Harry Parkes August 1922- April 1927 Reason: Resigned

Harry Hadley April 1922- August 1922 Reason: Resigned

James Joseph Caffrey January 1920- April 1922 Reason: Resigned

Tom Callaghan March 1919-January 1920 Reason: Sacked

Managers Before this time are a little sketchy as the teams were picked by committee members/selectors if you will. And there was some moderate coaching.


Roy McFarland

Lee Richardson

Nicky Law